Wednesday, September 28, 2011

What Can you Do?

Today at work, I was tasked with training people on a tool of ours.  There were three of them to be exact and I trained each of them individually...this process took up most of my time at work today.  My voice is also quite tired from talking constantly during those 3-4 hours.  But, what can you do?  After all it is my job.  So am I upset?  Not at all.  I got to know those employees better than I knew them before and it was a nice break from what I usually do.

My speakers acted up again this evening and that was a "Why me?" moment.  But after searching support forums and through company sites I found that the problem didn't lie with my speakers, but with my computer itself.  The audio drivers and software just can't do the job.  Not only with the speakers, but they have trouble playing through the computer's built in speakers as well.  As if to make matters worse, I am constantly updating and repairing something or other when I use my laptop.  What can you do?  Haha, fortunately for this problem, I've got a a Mac (easier said than done I'm afraid).  I'm just glad I invested in an Avast! anti-virus program when school started...because my computer is virus free!

Life at Grandma's is good.  I've started taking my exercise a little more seriously and eating a little healthier.  I even wore athletic shorts to institute today so that I could run back to my truck afterwards (about a 3-4 minute run if that), every little bit helps. 

Finally, if there is one thing I would recommend purchasing to my fellow college students out there, it would be frozen chicken nuggets.  They're easy to heat up and not half-bad.  They make for a great snack too. 

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