Thursday, September 29, 2011

When You Try Your Best

...but you don't succeed.  We've all been there.  That was my math test today.  It seems to me that the example problems the teacher does with you are a lot more simple than the ones that appear on the test.  I guess you could say it was one of those "What just happened?!" moments.

Tonight is just another one of those average nights.  Where you stay at home and you could do homework if you wanted, but instead you bum around facebook.  And even if you were doing still bum around facebook. 

Today as I was going throughout my daily activities (work and school etc.) I started thinking about a personal code of conduct.  For example, we can all agree that Superman's code of conduct/mission was to help the peoples of earth and stop evil.  Optimus Prime's code of conduct much the same, but had something else.  The way he carries himself is sufficient enough for this explanation.  It is safe to assume that Prime's code of conduct includes a strong sense of responsibility and determination.  We could even go as far as saying he embodied a sense of honor and pride, but remained humble through it all.  That being said, I thought of a could of words I could give myself to try to live by.  Something I could try to abide by everyday of my life.  It didn't take long and I quickly came up with the words "Strength and Honor"  Those words are now printed out in bold and sticky-tacked above my bedroom door frame.  I'll see them everyday before I head out in the world.  I'm pretty excited actually, strength and honor come in many forms and I'll get to see how abiding by these principles will affect my life. 

Enough for now though...


  1. I have a code of conduct as well. I admire the Musketeers and their "Magnificent Valor." Doing what's right not because it makes any sense at all but because it is the right thing to do. I hope that when I die that it is for a good cause.

  2. Good example. Love the part at the end: "all my life, all I ever wanted to be...was him."