Thursday, November 17, 2011


Sometimes I look back at decisions I've made and wonder if I've made the right one.  For example, this morning I had Cheerios instead of toast...was that the right decision?  My answer is...Who cares?  However, when it comes to the big decisions I've made, like choosing not to play football my junior year of high school and instead get a job.  Looking back, I think I made the right choice by choosing to work instead.  Then, during my senior year of high school, was it the right choice to play again and lose hours at work?  I don't know what would've happened had I chose to not to.  But I can tell you that I was stretched pretty thin that year.

Now that I'm moved out and supposed to be responsible (not that I'm irresponsible), I find myself wondering about decision I make everyday.  I'll even ask myself questions like: "Can I afford this?"  Do I really need that?"  "What would Optimus Prime do?"  (that one happens more often than you'd think haha) "Is this a good use of my time?"  These questions constantly tug at my mind when I finally settle in for the night.

When I was on student council during high school, we often had discussions about how to boost school morale and get people involved.  Something that was often brought up was how not everyone would like a specific activity we would put on.  During one of these particular discussions, I remembered a thought from that year's leadership conference at Dixie State.  "While the decisions you make may not be the best ones, it is up to you to make it the best one."

I'll admit sometimes I wish that I could go back and change a decision that I made here or there.  But for the most part, I recognize that even though there were better choices available to me, the choices I made were good ones too.  It is my hope that all of us out there, try not to let our past mistakes weigh to heavily upon us. Should we experience a bad decision:

Learn from it and move on, but be sure not to drag it behind you, because it will only slow you down.

P.S. I really wish I would've paid attention to my math professor rather than played Risk on my iPod today in class.