Monday, April 30, 2012

Moving Home

So I moved back home.  Now, my guess is that a lot of college kids would wonder why I would move back under my parents roof after I had tasted independence and living on my own.  To be truly honest, I wouldn't blame those kids who questioned my judgement on moving back.  When I moved out, I was so happy to be out on my own and responsible.  Yet, despite all of the perks of moving out, there was just something there calling me back.

Now I had already considered moving home to spend more time with my family after spring semester because I had my mission coming up.  However, the more I thought about it, the more I realized that moving home would probably be best.  And it turned out I was right.  There was a lot to be done around the house that I could help out with.  The yard work alone has kept me busy the last few days and there is still a bunch more to do, but who am I to complain?  It just means I get a jump start on the summer tan right?  Only to lose it once I get to the MTC and wear a suit.

Another plus was having my old room back, which has been spectacular since my room at home is considerably larger than the one at the apartment.  I finally got around to installing the tie racks too; now they all hang neatly in the closet.  

Further still, I have company during the day now.  You see, when I was going to college, I had my classes in the afternoons which left my mornings open to work.  Since I worked from the apartment during the mornings (when all my roommates had their classes) I was often left alone.  And for anybody that knows me, being alone is not my favorite.  Now that I'm moved home, little brother Mack is around to keep me company and if he's gone to Pre-School, then there's my trusty dog Ace.  Some of you may be making the conclusion at this point that my mother works, which isn't true, she's a stay at home mom and I'm happy to have her.  After all, if it wasn't for her, I wouldn't be here, be who I am, or be able to match my clothes!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Summer's Coming

It doesn't take a genius to feel the change in the air.  Already, people are taking walks in the evening, kids are riding their bikes around, and of course out comes the summer clothing.  So if the Mayan Calendar theory is correct, this will be the last summer we ever have...The Summer of 2012.  That has a nice ring to it.  What would you be doing during the Summer of 2012?  I'll be leaving for my mission to Quito, Ecuador.  What better way to experience the end of the world than to be out in the mission field? Of course, that would be if I believed in the Mayan Calender theory (which I don't).

Enjoy your summers!